A Post A Day Photo Challenge – March 14 2015

So unfortunately I haven’t posted anything for quite awhile. A lot of things came up that distracted me from my daily posts. And most recently I have become sick and haven’t felt like myself.

Also there were 2 cold fronts back to back that made the weather dreary which probably added to my depressed state. I haven’t been feeling like going out and shooting pictures.

However after a feverish cold I had the other day I am feeling slightly better. Good enough to notice that the sun finally came back from vacation and brought along these beauties with it.





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A Post A Day Photo Challenge – February 7 2015

In today’s post of the day I will be discussing the birds and the bees.

These are the birds…

2015-02-07 20.15.41

2015-02-07 20.18.45

And here are the bees…

2015-02-07 20.16.55

2015-02-07 20.17.54

That is today’s lesson.

Hope you learned something valuable.

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