Day Six: Hero(ine), Ballad, Epistrophe

Writing 201: Hero(ine)

Grab your verse by both ends (or hands; your call), like a hero with extra big hair. Week 2 here we go!

Here is my poem…

She can do nothing but wait all alone

Hoping the loneliness will pass away

With this aching feeling she is all alone

Longing for something to come her way

A savior to come and save the day.

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Fog, Elegy, And Metaphors

Writing 201: Fog

Day 5 is upon us: clear your foggy mind, embrace absence, and paint with words.

Today’s word prompt: Fog

The winter chill lingers still

As the trees quiver and shake in its wake

The misty fog hovers in the air

I search and search but you are not there

As I suffocate with this thick air

I sit alone among the lifeless trees

Wondering where you could have gone

And knowing you are not where you belong

The only sound that can be heard for miles

Is the sound of the silence in these winter winds

All I can see around me is the fog covering the trees

So I will wait for the fog to lift and fade with the upcoming breeze

All Or Nothing

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All or Nothing?.”

Which is more dangerous, wanting nothing or wanting everything?

This question could go many ways and probably could be debated about for hours. Wouldn’t that be fun…standing at the podium in your debate class discussing this very issue?

I never had a “Debate Class”. I don’t know where you have to attend school at or in what decade you need to be in to have a “Debate” class. But I wish I had that opportunity.

Like many other opportunities I wished I had growing up. I wish I was encouraged to play a musical instrument as a child. Maybe I would be a great musician. Instead of not knowing a thing about music.

I wish I was encouraged to play sports growing up. Then maybe I would be more fit, healthy and active now.

I wish I was encouraged to be more studious growing up. Then perhaps I would have that Masters degree, working in my dream career.

But alas…I have been left wanting everything. Opportunities that I feel I missed out on. But then again maybe I watch to many movies. Maybe parents don’t actually force their kids to take piano and dance lessons or make their children go to medical school to become a doctor just like their father.

And thus this is one of the many problems with wanting everything. It will drive you crazy wishing you had something that may actually be unattainable. Then if you had it all would you really be Happy?

Of course if you never wanted anything then what would be the point of living one might say. You would be grateful for the simple fact of living. You wouldn’t complain like I do about wanting “everything”.

But then what would you be striving for, not wanting anything. You may be the Zen master. Calm, peaceful, content with life or maybe that would be the “everything” we are discussing. Is wanting nothing the point of life? Is being content the answer?

Which is more dangerous…? I guess that depends on what your definition of dangerous is.

Deep topic.

Let me just contemplate on that awhile….