A Post A Day Photo Challenge – February 10 2015

For my post a day I will be posting these little beauties. I was organizing my closet and found an old Sigma macro lens I don’t use. I stopped using it because it kept giving error messages when I tried using it on my Canon. So I thought I would try to use it to see if my Canon would let me take pictures with it.

This was the results…

2015-02-10 18.23.44

2015-02-10 18.23.14

2015-02-10 18.17.42

2015-02-10 18.15.55

2015-02-10 18.18.49

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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – 2015 Week #6

Here is my Odd Ball picks of the Week.


I used to love to play pool and I was actually good at it. Sadly I am completely out of practice. I would love to get good again and challenge people.

2015-02-05 06.30.35

This photo I took in a sushi restaurant because I thought the bar shelving looked so cool with that lighting.

2015-02-05 18.41.19

This photo I thought was so crazy but there is something I love about it.

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